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Let's talk about Davines Shampoo!

We LOVE Davines shampoo, and I believe it is the best investment you can make for your hair. Clean hair and a healthy scalp are the basis of any great haistyle, and I hope after watching the video below you will be convinced of your own need for great shampoo!

Our shampoos run at $34/bottle, lasting the average consumer 6-8 weeks. You can also purchase a litre upon request at an average of $80, offering a discount of the equivilent of 1.5 bottles free!

Which one is right for you?

MINU: the one that is everyone's favorite (for extra color retention and shine)

MELU: the one that smells the best (for extra long hair or hair that as seen some things)

LOVE Smoothing: the purple one (for extra frizzy hair)

LOVE Curl: the one for curly hair (enhanced with extra moisture)

MOMO: the one that smells like grass (but is AHHHMAZING for coarse hair)

NOUNOU: the one for brittle hair (for hair prone to breakage that needs TLC)

SOLU: the one for buildup (for the girl who shampoos once a week- this is your full shampoo)

Have questions? I would love to answer them! Feel free to comment, email, or message the salon! We are here to help!

Thank you for watching!

Rachel, and the Darling Hair Workshop + Photo Studio Team!

PS: I am sporting 2-day dirty hair in this video. If you need me, I will be shampooing!

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