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Designed to feel like your childhood bestie's bedroom, built for the very serious business of dreaming. 

Alright, we think we are pretty special.


Located at the intersection of Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, and Augusta. 2.5 hours from Atlanta and Charlotte, 3 hours from Charleston and Savannah, and a dream for way beyond that- we don't make excuses for our zip code. We stand with the "you absolutely can do that around here" crowd.

So why not a luxury salon? What is being a hair workshop all about?

First, we believe luxury implies perfection, and as purveyors of relational hairstyling we know there is little comfort in the concept of perfection. From the moment you walk into our space, we just want you to feel comfortable and confident you made the right decision.

Our comfort is in our space, in the warm smiles of all of our people, in the inviting scents of our products, and in the skill we continuously work to develop.

We are always up to something! Thrill seeking in hair, fashion, and photography keeps us fresh, innovative, and forward-thinking. We have our eyes on competitions, content creation, and are passionate about being the stylists who create and not consume. 


We believe the client benefits from our competitiveness as our drive encourages us to do our best work every time. 

authenticity + empathy

We are built on authenticity and encouraging others to be the same. When we are our truest, most authentic selves it is attractive. Authenticity takes trend and innovates it for the individual. As stylists, we listen to our guests with empathy and respond with hair that is modern and fresh but also fits into the client's lifestyle. 

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