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Are you looking for a big change? 

Have a sense of adventure?

The stylists at Darling Hair Workshop + Photo Studio are always looking for models. The hardest part of a competition is finding the right model for the look we want to submit. Having a selection of great models help us to formulate for our very best work, and you might be able to help! 

What do we look for in a hair model?

1. A good starting point. The hair needs to be healthy enough to receive services and look shiny and healthy afterwards. If your hair is in terrible condition, you must be willing to have a sizable haircut. We are not looking for color corrections here!

2. A sense of adventure. You must either come with a fabulous idea that fits within our brand aesthetic, or be open to suggestion. We love blunt bobs, pixies, mullets, shags, curls, and afros. Long hair is OK with interesting color placement.

Our aesthetic: 
-pastel/soft with bold accents
-ultra feminine

-Modern French & Japanese inspired
-90's nostalgia


3. Models must be willing to sign a waiver for print and social sharing. The photographer/stylist own rights to the images. Models must not alter the images in any way for social sharing.

4. Models must be between 18-35, have healthy skin, and be attractive and confident in front of a camera. Previous experience is not necessary! Models must maintain a polite behavior throughout the process. Hair color, cut, makeup, wardrobe, and photography can take up to 8 hours and are booked on weekdays. Lunch, snacks, and beverages are provided throughout the process!

5. Compensation.

-If the model brings an idea for the stylist to complete, model will pay 50% of the service price. 

-If the model collaborates with the stylist to create an idea, model will pay 30% of the service price.

-If the model offers complete creative control to the stylist, services are 15% of the service price.

At times the studio might cash-compensate a model for professionalism and a previous body of work.

Models will receive 3 images of the final look, with the ability to purchase more. If the images are being submitted for competition, the model will not receive the images until the competition is complete (this can take weeks).

Apply as a model now!

Please upload a current full body photo of yourself.

Upload File

Applying for a modeling session does not guarantee acceptance. Many factors are considered when choosing a model, including vision, wardrobe, schedule availability, and current need. Please read the compensation guidelines listed above when considering modeling with us. We will be in touch within 24 hours of receiving your submission.


Thanks for submitting!

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